project details

Client: SC Conference Centre
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Size: 25,000 sft
Completed: January 2019
Type: Conference Centre
Industry: Real Estate Development
Collective Members: Paperspace Asia, Everyday Studio

project summary

SC Asset is a Bangkok-based developer and manager of residential and commercial property, including condominiums, townhouses and detached homes for sale, as well as office buildings for rent. It has an ongoing collaboration with Advance Info Services Public Company (AIS) to provide high-speed digital internet access for its properties.

The company entered the market with the launch of Bangkok’s Shinawatra Tower III in 1995. Listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand in 2003, its earliest residential projects were in Bangkok, though the company has since expanded into several major upcountry markets.

They wanted a well-lit, elegantly-designed space that would reflect the sensibilities and values common to all its users. With the help of Paperspace and Everyday Studio, the company has: 

  • Improved engagement of the target market with its conference center by updating its amenities and making its ambiance more conducive to shared learning experiences. 
  • Maximised resources by building on pre-existing assets such as the available natural lighting and previously allocated spaces for work and leisure. 

the challenge

The SC Asset Conference Centre was built more than 10 years ago. The collective was mandated to improve the quality of its amenities, which would hopefully lead to more customers renting the space and increasing the company’s revenue. They also wanted the building to maximise natural lighting, be flexible for multiple usage, and have a modern, professional feel to it.

the solution

Paperspace took into consideration the expected users for the space: C-level executives and members of management. Aligning with the target audience’s characteristics and preferences, Paperspace applied a sleek and timeless design to the conference centre.

Among the materials used were marble, light wood, and reflective black stone. Wide windows were put in place to maximize the natural light in the area. A mixture of long rectangular and small round tables as well as comfortable chairs were used for the canteen/lounge, which was crowned with a textured metal mosaic.

The workshop space, on the other hand, was outfitted with whiteboards, a projector, and long tables able to seat up to 4 participants. For its part, the theater employed a tiered-seating arrangement for larger lectures and a design contrast between natural wood and dark elegance.

Overall, the clients were pleased with the modern elegance typified by the space while the project remained on track with both budget and timeline.

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