project details

Client: Learn Corporation Co., Ltd.
Location: Thailand
Size: 21,527.82 sft.
Project Completed: 2020
Type: Workplace
Industry: Learning Organization
Collective Members: Paperspace, Studio of Design

project summary

Established in 2005, Learn Corporation Co., Ltd. is the first learning organization that brings technology to develop innovative learning to meet the needs of people from all ages. Learn Corporation currently has 9 business groups  with more than 800 employees nationwide committed to developing the business to grow steadily.

2 of the 9 business groups under Learning Co are Skooldio and Ignite by OnDemand. Skooldio  offers services for those who want to upgrade their skills and master modern skills such as programming. Meanwhile, Ignite by OnDemand is an international tutoring school with a comprehensive teaching method and curriculum including English, Science, Math, and Life Skills activities. Learn Corporation tapped Paperspace to help Skooldio  and Ignite by OnDemand in redesigning their office to be flexible, collaborative, and future-proof.

With assistance from Paperspace, Learn Corporation was able to:

  • Provide employees with a workplace that adheres to the  Activity-Based Working  Principle and improve their productivity
  • Create a flexible workplace for the employees where they can focus on their work and socialize with their colleagues at the same time
  • Have an office that is future-proof and will still be in trend even in the next 5 years
  • Create a comfortable and flexible training facility for Skooldio clients

the challenge

Create a cozy and empowering workplace that adheres to the Activity-Based Working Principles and encourages collaboration, while still giving each business group their own private spaces.  Making sure that the workplace is future-proof and is still in trend for the next 5 years. 

the solution

Clearly define the use of each function in the office by placing elements that encourage the right behaviour for the specific area. Paperspace incorporated an interactive magnetic frame and collaborative areas in the Town Hall where people can chill and socialize even if they are not in the same business group. Meanwhile, workshop rooms and backend staff areas were only designed with tools and equipment that internal people will need.  

Skooldio made sure that the workplace is future proof and will still be in trend in 5 years by transforming into Hybrid office set-up. One of the main key points of this set up is the hot desk element, where employees are not given fixed desks. Instead of desks, employees were provided with designated lockers where they could keep their equipment whenever they are out of the office. This set-up is both flexible and comfortable for the employees as they can freely come and go to the office as they need. Because of the Hybrid office set-up, even though Skooldio is growing fast and continuously expanding, they can well accommodate the needs of their employees without needing to transfer to a larger office.

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