project details

Client: Wavemaker
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Size: 10,225 sft
Completed: March 2018
Type: Workplace
Industry: Advertising / Marketing
Collective Members: Paperspace Asia, Studio Grasshopper

project summary

Wavemaker is a progressive global agency delivering transformative solutions through media, content and technology for some of the world’s biggest brands. The company deploys its purchase journey expertise to spot opportunities and challenges at every stage of the customer cycle, turning both into tangible growth.

With help from Paperspace and Studio Grasshopper, the company was able to:

  • Improve overall productivity by implementing an activity-based workplace scheme better suited for millennial employees
  • Create and present a unique design experience for clients that subtly reinforce their perception of the company as professional and trustworthy

the challenge

This advertising agency wanted a fresh, cool, and energetic office environment to impress their clients and their younger generation of employees. They also wanted to make their office a strong reflection of their brand identity without it being too conspicuous.

the solution

Understanding the needs of millennials, Paperspace took to changing the office setup to that of an activity-based workplace. Removing 40% of fixed workstations and replacing them with casual seating was challenging, but the result effected a transformation of both work behaviours and overall look and feel.

The space was allocated into 3 sections with Paperspace making sure to encourage collaboration across these areas. One way it accomplished that was by placing a shared coffee bar/pantry at the centre of the space. A long continuous bar was also introduced at the main entrance to link the reception area with the pantry area; this feature helped meld public space and private space.

To create allusions to the company’s name, Paperspace designed wave-like ceiling features which go across the reception and coffee bar area. The angle of the company logo was implied and represented into the wave-like ceilings. Orange, the main branding colour, was placed tastefully on the edges of the walls and on the ceiling of the meeting room’s ceiling. The overall design patterns helped tie the 3 sub-spaces together with one design language.

Loose furniture choices were sourced for and selected by the client’s management team and Paperspace’s designer. This meeting of minds helped bring out the personality of the place. A variety of furniture was placed in every room; for example, one meeting room had at least two different types of chairs creating a homey and casual feeling.

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