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employees: What Office Type Are You?

Through comprehensive surveys ​and analysis, this report unveils the prevailing trends and ​preferences in workplace design ​embraced by organizations. By ​downloading this resource, ​organizational leaders gain ​actionable insights to inform ​strategic decisions and align ​their workplace environments ​with regional benchmarks.​

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How we worked before will not be how we work tomorrow. And while the hybrid office looks set to become the new normal, creating a space that works for everyone means bringing together the needs of both the business and its employees.

Our “What Office Type Are You?” survey is designed to uncover the different working styles, needs and preferences between individuals and teams that are critical in designing a hybrid working model that works for everyone.

In this report we reveal the results of the survey from respondents across APAC. The report provides insights into people’s needs, wants, and expectations of the new ways of working. With these findings we reveal employee concerns around the return to the office, their priorities and expectations, and their views on employee mobility.

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